Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting to Know Empirical

We here at Empirical are proud of the quality magazine we produce every month, despite pillars of the publishing community, like Newsweek, deciding to go digital. We believe that having a physical copy in hand is the very essence of what sets us apart from other magazines. Empirical is going to be increasing its efforts over the next couple of months to bring you multimedia and social networking opportunities to interact and learn more about the magazine. 

If you have read the magazine, please share your impressions with your friends and family to help grow the Empirical community. If you have not had read our wonderful magazine yet, then stop reading this post and go out and get a copy. (You can visit us at http://www.empiricalmagazine.com/ to find out how to subscribe to the publication or purchase single copies.) 

Additionally, if you really loved our magazine, we would love to see user videos (no more than a minute or two) describing what about the issue resonated with you. We are going to be compiling these types of video clips over the next couple of months to add to the Empirical YouTube channel, which is coming soon to a laptop near you. 

To further acquaint yourself with the magazine, we have been providing posts about some of the quality works that we have published in Empirical. Please take a moment to read them when you have the time. 


  1. Dan,

    Thank you for the signpost blog pointing us to Empirical Magazine - for those who Think. ... Outside the Box.

    I endorse this message! ;D