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Empirical magazine presents its inaugural fiction anthology, highlighting writers from across the country. Featured writers include: Michael McGarr, Nick Hanson, Kenneth Weene, Cheyanne Pogue, LD White, Larry Kostroff, Kyle Owens, Philip Kobylarz, Thor Benson, Sam Goldsmith, Meg Stivison, Robert Dart, Joel Buckle, Sam Mansourou, Shannon Ketting, Carl Conrad, Mike Bagwell, Christopher Thompson, Joe Abbott, Kristy Webster, Dan O'Brien, and Alec Houze.

Empirical magazine presents the winners from their summer short fiction contest. Featured winners, from across the country, include: Jennifer Hanno, Marcus Bolt, Louise Young, Sabah Muhammad, Diana Bishop, Mark Morlock, Jessica Garcia, Chip Martin, Daniel Halma, Betsy A. Riley, Robert Dart, Jennifer Haglund, Karim Dimechkie, C. Cooper Turner, Shannon Ketting, Jakie TwoSticks, Lyle Roebuck, and Sierra Grice.

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Poets from around the world include: Walter William Safar, Betsy A. Riley, Morning Star, Olav Bryant Smith, Eftichia Kapardeli, H.W. Bryce, Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Don Ford, Anne D'Arcy, Nina Kossman, Jamie Oliveira, J.D. Helfert, Kitsune McCurtain, Matthew Harris, Diane Jardel, Terah Van Dusen, Natalia McDonald, Paige Elizabeth Jackson, George Freek, Alexandra Wilson, Aaron Kahle, John Hurst, Laura Cato, Martin Willitts Jr., Maria Redfern, Gina Ferrero, Tamara Woods, Ben Nardolilli, V.L. Stroude, Robert MacMahon, and Yuichi Handa.

Empirical magazine presents the winner of the 2012 Summer Poetry Contest, Robert Balun, with his poem, Here. The anthology includes poets from around the globe, including: Lara Gularte, Stacey Burks, Joseph Piontkowski, Anne D'Arcy, Francis Opila, Betsy A. Riley, Jennifer Sterne Pownall, Bryan Jones, Chandra Smith, Yuichi Handa, Patrick Ranahan, Maude Larke, Terah Van Dusen, Joan Goodreau, Christopher Bacavis, Corinne Wallace, Thelma Behrens, E.E. Orme, Jaz Azari, and H.W. Bryce.

Ahto Twickanen is a young man struggling to find his place in a world split between the traditions of his Sami/Finnish ancestors and the realities of modern America culture – a culture which too often, in his experience, discounts or ignores the ancestral wisdom of the old world. As Ahto grows toward maturity, confronted with family tragedy, physical altercations, self-doubt and torn loyalties, he is guided by the insights of the one person in whom he can trust and confide, his great uncle Jaakko – a small man with bright eyes and a checkered past, who mysteriously appears every year, at midnight, on Christmas Eve. But when a dejected and confused seventeen year-old Ahto needs him most, Jaakko fails to appear. Horrified by a vision of impending catastrophe, Ahto’s life is transformed as he and his once-estranged father travel north to Canada’s Yukon Territory in the midst of a chilling, bone-cracking winter quest to discover the fate of his missing great uncle. But Ahto’s journey leads him into more than he could have ever imagined when he discovers that he is successor to an ancient family linage of noaide – shamans of the Sami people, and the inheritor of an instrument of immense power that has been passed down from master to apprentice since the last ice age.

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