Thursday, August 22, 2013

From the Empirical Archives: The Circle and the Pyramid

The Circle and the Pyramid
Lorna Davis
Originally published in the February 2013 issue of Empirical

It seems that empires always leave a stain,
A toxic pattern in the conquered soil,
A ruddy mix of tears and blood and toil,
Impervious to a thousand years of rain.
The hearts of human leaders once were true;
Their duty, to secure the people’s needs.
But empire’s logic grips the ground like weeds:
The many just exist to serve the few.
Where freedom’s eagle rests upon her seal,
The pyramid inside the circle reigns
And slowly works to cancel freedom’s gains
With quiet laws that help the mighty steal.
Our promise lies in leaving none behind;
The circle needs each part to be complete.
The pyramid just lifts up the elite
To ride the trudging ranks of humankind.

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