Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Pacific Nothwest: Tsunami Debris Continue to Invade PNW

Our Pacific Northwest
Tsunami Debris Continue to Invade PNW
Picture Via NPR

Last month, Empirical brought to light a Seattle Times report about scientists discovering a dock which landed on the shores of Olympic National Park believed to be floating remains of the calamitous earthquake which devastated Japan in 2011. Today, NPR has reported Alaskan beaches are also receiving debris from the tsunami, creating a headache for environmentalists in the region. According to the report, the debris spans across roughly 80 miles of Alaskan coastline, turning pristine coast into eye sores and creating hazards for wildlife. Among the debris are refrigerators, pieces of foam, and containers of kerosene, petroleum, and other chemicals. Cleanup efforts are stymied because funding for the clean up was recently re-directed to the bill for Hurricane Sandy relief, according to NPR. The debris lacks the immediate impact of other ecological disasters the region has endured in the past, but if the remains are neglected, it will eventually have a detrimental impact on one of the most sensitive regions of our Pacific Northwest.

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