Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Different Super Bowl Perspective

A Different Super Bowl Perspective
Gina Sue Erle

There are three different types of people who watch the Super Bowl. There’s the people who watch to make it a social event with their friends, the people who watch because of the commercials, and then there are the actual sports fans. Why did I watch the Super Bowl? One word, three syllables: Beyonce. While most people who write about the Super Bowl would give you a play by play of every touchdown, field goal, and penalty, I’d rather give a play by play of Beyonce's amazing performance during the half-time show.

It began with flashing lights and people running onto the field and then BOOM! An explosion of fire lit up the stage revealing the portraits of two women's faces in fire. And then with another burst of light, Beyonce is there, in all her glory, surrounded by spouts of fire. Smoke and noise surrounds her as she stands there hip-popped and ready to rock the audience. Then it goes quiet except for the sounds of the crowd. As Beyonce raises her microphone I felt the chill of anticipation run down my spine. “B”stands there, cloaked in shadow as she belts out, “baby it’s you” from “Love on Top” and the she proceeds to strut her stuff across the stage. Waiting for the dramatic pause she stops and then she is finally revealed, looking extraordinary in her black leather leotard. She acknowledges the crowd and then lights flash as she starts singing, “Crazy in Love.” Although I was a bit disappointed her hubby Jay-Z wasn’t there to sing with her, she still rocked the song and hit every dance move with sass and passion. Then a guitarist comes with a sparkling guitar solo and not just because it was a well-played part, but because there were literally sparklers shooting off from the guitar. 

She then transitioned into “End of Time,” which to me lacked a little luster as it isn’t one of her best songs. But Beyonce and her back-up dancers didn’t even seem to break a sweat as they performed the number. Beyonce then rocked the crowd to “Baby Boy,” where she danced in front of a screen with an infinite number of Beyonces. It was a beautiful visual that must have taken hours to perfect and left every girl who has no rhythm wishing they had 1/100th of the talent Beyonce has.

And then it happened. The moment people had spread rumors about. The moment people had been dreaming of for years. In came the tempo of the oh-so familiar “Bootylicious.” Then boom, Kelly popped up and then Michelle. Destiny’s Child had re-united for the Super Bowl and it was like I was eleven again. Every girl watching squealed in delight remembering how amazing Destiny’s Child was. It was a wonderful blast from the past as they began singing “Independent Women” surrounded by fire and flashing lights. Then the past caught up with the future and the three ladies collaborated on Beyonce's hit, “Single Ladies.” And then in an instant Michelle and Kelly were gone as Beyonce waved them off the stage and continued dancing with a plethora of background dancers surrounding the stage.

Beyonce then took it down a notch for a stunning rendition of “Halo.” I personally try to avoid listening to this song, not because it’s bad, but because I tend to cry every time I hear it; that’s how much emotion is put into this song. So there I sat crying watching Beyonce sing “Halo” surrounded by people deeply concerned for my emotional response. Wiping away my tears, I watched Beyonce finish her performance on her knees, belting the last notes with lights going just as crazy as the crowd and smoke danced in the background along with the music. 

Beyonce cannot be a real human. She danced and sang for a solid 12 minutes while wearing high heels. I can’t even run five minutes at the gym without needing to take a break. Beyonce definitely brought her A-game and had one of the best Super Bowl performances of all time.

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