Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Pacific Northwest: Portland State Reaches for World Record

Our Pacific Northwest

Portland State Reaches for World Record

The Oregonian reported yesterday Portland State University is working on what may end up being, when finished, the tallest barometer in the world. When completed the barometer will stand 46’6’’, beating the previous world record by over six feet, according to the report. Barometers are used by weather forecasters to measure the “weight” of the air. When the air pressure is high, it typically indicates nice weather. But when the barometer drops, it indicates a storm system is likely on its way. What else makes the Maseeh College Barometer at PSU unique is its shift from the industry’s standard. Typically a glass tube which helps operate the barometer is filled with the highly toxic mercury. But because of its digital capabilities, the barometer at PSU will use water instead. Empirical would like to congratulate the staff and graduate students of Portland State on their eventual accomplishment, further proving our Pacific Northwest is never afraid to push scientific boundaries.

Photo Via The Oregonian

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