Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Pacific Northwest

Our Pacific Northwest
Stanford Makes Big Steps Towards Aiding Those With HIV

A week after their Berkeley counterparts announced a prototype for artificial leaves with the potential to produce clean fuel; The San Francisco Chronicle reported today Stanford scientists have created a technique to genetically engineer immune cells in order to make them more resistant to HIV. It has not been tested on people yet, but the article indicated if the technique proved successful in human trials, it can provide a less rigorous choice to the lifetime of medication those infected with HIV cope with. According to the article, the latest regimen of HIV drugs focuses on two particular receptor genes in T-cells, which is how the HIV virus infiltrates the body, eventually leading to AIDS and a crippling of the immune system. The technique developed by the scientists at Stanford greatly strengthens these receptor genes, making the continuous intake of expensive HIV drugs unnecessary. Scientists hope to begin human trials within the next five years. This indicates a small step for those suffering from this terrible disease, with hopes of living a more fulfilling life due to the help of some of the brightest minds in our Pacific Northwest. 


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