Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Pacific Northwest

Our Pacific Northwest

Seahawks Surge Past Washington with Griffin Wounded

After facing a 14-point deficit early in their wildcard match-up against an equally hot Redskins squad, the Seahawks scored 24 unanswered points to claim their first post-season road win in nearly three decades. Although Seattle’s stingy defense kept Alfred Morris (second only to Adrian Peterson in rushing yards this season) under 100 yards, and a solid performance from rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, it was the knee of Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III that drew most of the attention throughout the game on Sunday. Griffin, who appeared to re-injure a knee still healing from a sprain against the Baltimore Ravens on December 9, 2012, remained in the game despite showing obvious discomfort. While the Washington faithful will have an entire off-season to ponder the health of their rookie phenom, and whether or not he should have remained in the game after Marsawn’s Lynch’s trademark beast-mode playoff touchdown, the ‘hawks prepare for a battle of the birds in Atlanta this weekend. The Falcon’s went 13-3 in their 2012 campaign, but have wavered in recent playoffs. The Pacific Northwest will anxiously wait to see if the Seahawks can win another road game and earn a spot in the NFC Championship game, where they could potentially meet their divisional foes, the 49ers, for a trip to the Super bowl.

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