Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Pacific Northwest; Second Hand Store Makes First Rate Discovery

Our Pacific Northwest

Second Hand Store Makes First Rate Discovery

Some of us find hidden gems when we venture into a second-hand store, but employees at a Goodwill store in Seattle found a true treasure. The Seattle Pi reported yesterday the employees found an antique vest made by Native Americans centuries ago. According to the report, the employees found the tribal vest in a trunk which was donated over six years ago. Based on the design and the beading, members of the Burke Museum of Natural History in  Seattle believe the vest is originally made by the Blackfoot tribe, who once defended their homeland in the Black Hills of South Dakota in a notorious rebellion against the United States government in the 19th century. The report went on to state the vest was likely sold at train stations after the rebellion, and its estimated value today is $5,000. Despite the temptation to cash it in, the vest will become a permanent feature of the Burke Museum. This piece of Native American History will now be appreciated through the ages in our Pacific Northwest.

Photo Via Seattle Pi

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