Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Pacific Northwest: Oregon History Museum Opens its First Black History Series

Our Pacific Northwest

Oregon History Museum Opens its First Black History Series

The Oregonian reported this morning that the Oregon History Museum in Portland will open an exhibit today highlighting Oregon's black pioneers and the state's African-American history. According to the article, the museum’s "All Aboard" program has launched the Oregon History Museum’s first Oregon Black History series, which will feature programs and exhibits throughout the year about black history. The first program will begin with a narrative of black settlers, who began to arrive in the state in the late 1800s. Despite facing unjust laws and prejudice from various elements in the community, the African-American community greatly prospered, creating their own economy to cater to fellow black settlers arriving on wagon trains from the east. The exhibit will encompass African-American history throughout the centuries, outlining the tremendous pioneering spirit and resiliency of Americans brave enough to leave their known world and call our Pacific Northwest home.

Picture via The Oregonian

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