Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The January Issue Is In The Office

We just received the January issue here in the Chico office. We could not be more excited about adding yet another vibrant issue to our catalog. This issue is stocked with authors who have made appearances in Empirical already, as well as those who are new to our publication. We are happy to add them to the Empirical community. 

Here is a sample of what is waiting for you in January:

Democracy: From The Ground Up by Gar Alperovitz
Fiddling While Rome Burns by Hugh Mercer Curtler
An Interview With Stephen Zunes by Emanuel Stoakes
The Corpsman by Kenneth Weene
Deadly Dreams by Laura Rittenhouse
Small Change by Richard Hartwell
Kung Fu and the Spiritual Groud of the Martial Arts by Olav Bryant Smith
Paradigm Lost by Emmanuel Williams
A Review of Tenzin Norbu's Ocean of Compassion by Tim Gannon
Cold Mountain by Wayne Lee
Recipe For Peace by Devreaux Baker
Cold Lesson by Travis Laurence Naught
Driving by Carol V. Davis
The Photograph: A Wish for Stillness by Peggy Aylsworth
The Loss of Many, The Loss of One by Peggy Aylsworth

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