Thursday, November 22, 2012

From the Empirical Archives: Syrinx by Nina Kossman

Nina Kossman
Originally Published in Empirical magazine in May 2012

The nymph
flees from him who desires her,

the water knows what equals it:
fire - Pan - goat.

O Syrinx, o water-nymph,
your innocence,

your remote, reflective will
sways, green and supple,

on the bank of Pan’s forest-brook:

you’re now the soughing of
the wind, in distance

and ether;
the measured pace;

the sound,
(like echo,

without a body:
Pan’s greed for a mirror)

how you weep,
mother to Memory,

mere leaf, turmoil,
the muse’s nurse,

your madness turned to
prophetic gift,


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