Thursday, October 25, 2012

Call for Submissions and Advertising!

Fall has arrived in Northern California. The first rains have graced our valley after a long, dry summer. The first snowfall of the season reached the mountains this week, and we at Empirical are celebrating our first full year in business. It's hard to believe that one year ago we leased our office overlooking downtown Chico. 

In a year's time, we have produced 8 magazines (May-December 2012), 5 anthologies, including the Best of Empirical, which will be released at the end of October. 

Empirical's November issue (pictured to the left) is for sale now in Barnes & Nobles stores, as well as in Chapters, Books-a-Millions, Hastings, and more. We have a presence in at least 11 countries, and Empirical's distribution is expanding in Europe. If the magazine is not at your local store, request it! 

On October 2, Folio magazine mentioned in a review of The Humanist that Empirical is edging out this 71-year-old title. While, like The Humanist, Empirical is open-minded and free-thinking, one aspect of Empirical that sets it apart from other magazines is our emphasis on a spirituality that respects all religious traditions. Many of our articles speak to what is best in particular religious traditions, while encouraging a broadness of mind that rejects the us versus them mentality that has led to so much world conflict. Although our magazine is not a religious one, we invite spiritual and philosophical discussion. 

And, we continue to bring you articles, poetry, and short stories with a broad point of view and multicultural perspectives that inform and uplift the spirit.

Have you subscribed yet to ensure you haven't missed a single issue? One of our fans says:

I've been looking for a magazine with this kind of range and diversity for a long time. Until Empirical came along, I could only find magazines that either had a fairly narrow focus in their own specialist field, or else felt random and directionless. Your focus on radical empiricism (an approach I share) as the "connecting theme" gives it a great focus without limiting the scope at all. 
-Simo Sakari Aaltonen, subscriber from Finland

If you'd like to buy back issues, please visit our website. August is sold out, so hurry!

We invite you to follow our blog, too, where we share many articles and other postings with you for free. Also, we are looking for writers and poets, so please send us your best work! Visit the website for details on how to submit.


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