Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anaheim Protests

Last night, I was tweeting about this new blog, and I kept seeing tweets about the four-day-long protest happening in Anaheim.
According to KTLA, there have been 6 incidents of police shooting at civilians this year, with five shootings being fatal, two of them being this week. Saturday, an unarmed man, Manuel Diaz, was shot in the back and then in the head. He was allegedly a gang member, but that does not excuse murder by police.

From my perspective as an outsider, it seemed like the police were firing indiscriminately into the crowd and at reporters. CNN and other sources report that the protesters were becoming violent. Six people were injured. See CNN's newscast here:

This video from KTLA shows officers in full riot gear advancing on the protesters and firing.

Tim Pool (@Timcast) and Amber Lyon (@AmberLyon) were fired on despite showing press passes. Pool was broadcasting live, and his recorded streams can be seen here:

It's impossible for outsiders to know the facts, but as citizens, we should demand them. Indeed, that's what Anaheim's mayor is calling for, too.

Monday, Mayor Tom Tait said, "I am asking the state Attorney General's Office and the federal U.S. Attorney’s Office for assistance with a full and independent investigation of the entire situation," yet the distrust between citizens and ”police remains.

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