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Announcing the Best Fiction and Poetry of the Year

Just In Time For The Holidays

Cool Waters Press announces its first annual collection of the best fiction and poetry published in Empirical magazine. We here at Empirical love to not only produce a quality magazine, but as well bring great authors (both fiction and non-fiction) and poets to the forefront of the publishing industry. We will be featuring excerpts from the collection throughout the month, but I have included a broad overview:

May 2012 

The Storytellers – Laura Rittenhouse (fiction) 
Picnic – Kenneth Weene (fiction) 
Syrinx – Nina Kossman (poetry) 
My Doctor – Troy Jollimore (poetry) 
Your Voice – Walter William Safar (poetry) 
Psychadelic Substance – John Elywn Kimber (poetry) 
Belief Systems – Betsy A. Riley (poetry)

June 2012

The Solitary – Anne D’Arcy (fiction) 
Hush – Mikelle Gaines (fiction) 
Street Bequest – Cake! (flash fiction) 
“L” is for Lichen – Martin Willitts, Jr. (poetry) 
Mother – Hazel Quigley (poetry) 
On a Theme by Keats – George Freek (poetry) 
Chalk Talk – Marc Shapiro (poetry) 
Exist – Rachel Kuintzle (poetry)

July 2012 

Wonderland, Neverland, and Oz – Randall Auxier (fiction) 
Beside Blue Horse Creek – Louise Young (fiction) 
A Flight of Paranoia – Derek Keeling (fiction) 
Paper Palace – Jami Kali (poetry) 
Winter Flies – Gary Metras (poetry) 
Submarine – Christopher Woods (poetry) 
Silent Symphony – Betsy A. Riley (poetry)

August 2012 

Sneakers – Aaron Gudmunson (fiction) 
Things Look Nice – William Cass (fiction) 
Charred Cat Ears – Melissa Darcey (fiction) 
The One Who Carries the Sun on His Back – Louise Young (fiction) 
The Imitator – Alexandra Wilson (poetry) 
Japanese Garden in a French Mind – Stephanie Sears (poetry) 
To Perform – Maude Lauke (poetry) 
Energy Independence – Edward Zahniser (poetry) 
Assisted Living – Mercedes Lawry (poetry) 
In Paris – Catherine Edmunds (poetry)

September 2012 

My Thoughts Exactly – Jennifer Hanno (fiction) 
Coyote Dreams – Louise Young (fiction) 
The Farm – Sabah Muhammad (fiction) 
Here – Robert Balun (fiction) 
Let Her Be a Flower – Lara Gularte (poetry) 
Joining the Thousand – Maude Larke (poetry) 
Conference of Crows – Francis Opila (poetry) 
Scratch Apple – Christopher Bacavis (poetry) 
Yang Guifei’s Welcome Feast – Bryan Jones (poetry)

October 2012 

One Brother – Karim Julien (fiction) 
Discontinuity – Mike Berger (poetry) 
Johnny – CS Fuqua (poetry) 
Bathsheba – Gary Corseri (poetry) 
The Woman in McDonalds – Richard Luftig (poetry) 
The Rites of Wealth – Lorna Davis (poetry) 
Savages Came – Christopher Wolfe (poetry)

November 2012 

In My Father’s Silence – Finn Kraemer (fiction) 
What I’d Ban – Carol V. Davis (poetry) 
Molar – Carol V. Davis (poetry) 
Cycling – Travis Laurence Naught (poetry)

December 2012 

Maman, Maman – Jaime O’Neill (fiction) 
Globster – Laura Elizabeth Woollett (fiction) 
Shadows in Winter – F. Jay Fuller (fiction) 
Capsized – Shannon Rooney (poetry) 
Within the Going – Peggy Aylsworth (poetry) 
The Bridge, the Warrior, and Blue Eyes – Peggy Aylsworth (poetry) 
Drought Conditions – Travis Laurence Naught (poetry) 
Voices II – Carol V. Davis (poetry)

As you can see, there is a lot of wonderful poetry and fiction in this collection. It is available in print and on Kindle. Be sure to follow the blog to receive updates about stories from the Empirical archives, as well as what we are planning in the future.

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