Friday, February 8, 2013

Our Pacific Northwest: Region's Deadliest Predator Endangered

Our Pacific Northwest

Region's Deadliest Predator Endangered

In the same week wolverines in our Pacific Northwest received consideration for more protection,  the most feared and misunderstood creatures in our waters will temporarily receive the same consideration. The San Francisco Chronicle reported this week the California Fish and Game commission unanimously voted to advance the Great White Shark’s candidacy to the list of endangered species. According to the report, the commission will conduct a one-year review of the species in which the species will be carefully examined and receive temporary protection. The review was prompted by the findings of two recent studies on the species whose range in the Pacific reaches from Mexico to Hawaii and Alaska. The studies found the number of female Great Whites mature enough to reproduce was estimated to be less than 100, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Not only will the sharks receive more protection during the year-long review, but it also includes a ban on incidental catches by net fisherman, according to the Chronicle. The review exemplifies our Pacific Northwest's progressive commitment to protecting all of our region’s creatures, no matter how feared or beloved they may be.

A Week in Our Pacific Northwest

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