Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Pacific Northwest: Portland's Urban Forest Ranked Amongst Top in the Nation

Our Pacific Northwest

Portland's Urban Forest Ranked Amongst Top in the Nation

The Oregonian has reported today the American Forests Report has ranked Portland, Oregon among the top 10 cities for urban forests in the nation. Portland, along with the other top cities, stood out among the 50 most populated cities for its civic engagement in maintaining the urban forest, accessibility to the public, documented knowledge about its urban forest, and its management plans and activities. Infamously known as “Stumptown” in its early history for its over-logged landscape, the report stated Portland now has 1.4 million total trees (1.2 million in parks and roughly 240,000 on the city streets). In 2004 the city set a goal of 33 percent of its surface area to be covered in urban forest; today it is estimated to be at 30 percent according to the report. Empirical magazine would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the city of Portland for its top-ten finish, and for its tremendous dedication in restoring a captivating landscape in our Pacific Northwest.

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