Friday, April 19, 2013

From the Empirical Archives: Savages Came

Savages Came
Christopher Wolfe
Originally published in the October 2012 issue of Empirical

The savages came to the table ravenously.
Consuming consummate plates
Of Continental shelf shifting into mouths
Yawning wide with cormorant appetites,
Like goldfish exploding their bellies,
Or condors beaking ferociously
Over the bones of civilization.
Treating external parts like finger foods,
Or d’oeuvres in the House of Plenty.

Doorbell guests arrive copious cups
Of Chianti centered in fists of stained white linen.
Conversation gravitates tethered in careful controlled revelations
Coupled with self-serving lies and subtle innuendo
That entertain with threatening off-the-cuff commentary
And sparkles like champagne after the explosion.

Party crawl, and the sense of privilege permeates
The night
As the denizens of disclaimers careen
From place to place peregrinating
From politics to promotion.
And electing by committee who will design and map
The direction to the next exclusive exclusionary club stop.

Inside the sanctum sensorium the goers not only go but come,
Eddying like a tide which filibusters delicately,
Deciding who is taken and who is merely residue.
The sensorium feels like an artificially induced private heaven,
Where everyone in the intoxicated passion play is given godhood.
There it is hot humid and dangerous with the fire
Of cooperation through cunning inchoate compromise.
Conviction is sniftered out generously, and the apt quip
“While the liquor flows the decisions flowed on and on”
Sends laughter higher which fondles the flames.
Outside the fog nearly freezes and grips the dark,
With frost like bitter icing capping a tasteless cake.

While the Players Club sweats profusely
In a cornucopia furnace which by timed divestitures,
And consolidation gestures profit with outstanding projections of intense heat,
The cheers are deafening, piercing the blackness growing outside.
An escalation beyond census begins,
As the orgasmic pleasure seizes the mind body soul
Of each rattling the cage that encases their limits.

It is as if satisfaction can only be had by moving deeper
Into the coagulant of an esoteric market,
Wherein the promise of even greater ejaculates felt at the edge of sweat!
Once the many mounted insatiables craving more and more,
Crawling back into bed with the hope of income from easy earnings
Like a whore penetrative and expectant,
Willing to turnover and turnover again,
Poleaxed with intoxicated desire to pass where caution is no longer an issue,
And that Getting is supremely more erotic and then the Having

Sunrise blazes across the firmament,
Last embraces, limbs untwining, morning piss.
Some hiding genitals some looking for theirs.
Rising, clothes draping, accessories attaching,
And the decadence from last night’s revels
Is quickly forgotten in favor of business as usual.
In the self-imposed quagmire of financial possibility.
Let’s all do it again. Yes Let’s Do it as soon as possible!
Keep the fires steaming and full liquor streaming!
The savages in agreement limousine away,
Ready to sack Rome and raise the society,
In an effort to corner the market on empire.

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