Friday, January 25, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday: Cheating Boyfriend's Bicycle

Cheating Boyfriend's Bicycle
Audrey DiPlacido

For Sale: Classic Cyclocross bicycle, custom built three months ago by the cheating bastard I hurled out of my life last Saturday. Included are new cross wheels and tires; the frame and all parts have been uniquely painted by that cheating bastard. This is a 2012 Custom Project Bike (photo attached) built for the prestigious Cross Vegas competition. The right side is a corrupt sapphire blue and the left is scandalous red; there is a silver skank stripe down the middle to separate the two colors and all lettering is shaded to give the deceitful appearance of mud splatter. Preferred sale would be piece by piece i.e. hubs, rims, cranks, derailleurs, cranks, stem, saddle spokes, etc. All offers considered with special consideration going to those willing to pose/post the break up of this bike on You Tube for my ex’s cycling team to view!

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