Sunday, December 9, 2012

From the Empirical Archives: Chalk Talk by Marc Shapiro

Chalk Talk
Marc Shapiro
Originally Published in the June 2012 Issue of Empirical

Chalk bites into the street,
Flaking crumbs as it travels,
To the elbow,
To the muddied Air Jordans,
Past blue jeaned bent and twisted leg,
Past a raw, bloodied pulpy spot,
Around a body twisted in half,
Finally coming to outline at the head,
Eyes closed,
Mouth open in silent scream,
As blood and brain matter dot a horrid I.
The sheet comes up,
Over legs,
Blotting out a future,
Over body,
Cutting short conscience,
Over the head and gone,
As the world dies screaming,
Leaving only chalk.

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